Hedge your cryptocurrencies in energy, with MWAT, your crypto safety net

The recent cryptocurrency market crash has left many investors from every corner of the globe reeling. However, the fastest growing EU energy supplier — Restart Energy, has a solution: hedge your cryptocurrencies in energy with our MWAT Tokens.

Restart Energy offers to freeze cryptocurrency rates every 12 hours, for as long as the crypto market crash lasts, or our tokens sell out.

Currently MWAT sales are at $10.5 million USD, out of a cap of $30 million$0.10/MWAT.

Until 10 PM (GMT), 16.I.2018, we offer: $1170/ETH, $12000/BTC, $30/ETC, $1950/BCH, $1.35/XRP, $200/LTC, for purchases of MWAT tokens, a part of the Restart Energy Democracy (RED) project. Visit our website, for the current frozen rates, and to sign up for your crypto safety net: https://restartenergy.io .

On top of the benefits of securing your crypto tokens against further devaluation, the MWAT token offers access to the RED platform, a blockchain-based software that will bring energy producers, prosumers and users closer together and allow worldwide P2P energy transfers.

The RED-Platform will also offer tradable Green Certificates (GCs) to users that consume green energy, in order to incentivize clean energy production and consumption, using free market principles. These GCs are in demand by large corporations and some governments, due to CO2 emission guidelines.

Due to EU laws, we require a Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure to be followed before being able to accept contributors to our whitelist. After this is done, you may contribute to our MWAT token sale here: https://restartenergy.io/contribute .

MWAT price is fixed at $0.10 USD/MWAT (10 US cents). During our TGE we shall create ~500 million MWAT, 80% of which will be sold.

Keep in mind that we are currently in our Pre-Sale period, and as such only accept payments of $10,000 and above, in ETH or BTC. We also offer a 20% bonus to token amounts bought during this period. The Pre-Sale lasts until the 12th of February 2018.

Once the Pre-Sale ends, our Main Sale will become active on Wednesday, February 14th, 2018, until Wednesday, March 14th, 2018. There is no minimum contribution amount during the Main Sale, though we still offer a token bonus of 15% on day one, that goes down by 1% per day, until it vanishes 15 days in.

To learn more about our RED project, read our whitepaper, and join our Telegram group, where our team of professionals can answer all of your questions.