Restart Energy Recognized as Largest Energy Company in Romania’s Western Region

Restart Energy, which is building a blockchain-based ecosystem for P2P energy trading, in decentralized countries and regions, has received a prestigious award from the Timis County Regional Chamber of Commerce. Based on its growth and performance in 2016, it was named Largest Energy Supplier in Romania’s Western Region.

Restart Energy’s goals aim at creating an efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable way of meeting future global energy demand. These goals will be accomplished through Restart Energy’s peer-to-peer, fully decentralized energy transfer platform and RED MWAT tokens, that will store real energy and can be traded by individual customers.

“It is a great honor for us to receive this prize, but it only proves that we are on the right track. We are growing exponentially and this real-life growth should help us attract more people to our ambitious blockchain project”, said Restart Energy CEO Armand Doru. “Our Restart Energy Democracy platform is going to transform the way people think about energy in general, and it will also give them a unique opportunity to become independent energy traders, save on costs and generate profits.”

A $20 million business, Restart Energy is on the verge of launching its public presale (15.I-12.II.2018) and TGE(14.II-14.III.2018), followed shortly by the activation of its energy trading platform — Restart Energy Democracy, or RED for short. The ecosystem will be the world’s first of its kind, as it is the only blockchain energy solution designed to work with existing laws and regulations. A technological marvel, it will transform the way energy is bought, sold and consumed using Big Data, IoT, AI, and blockchain.

Blockchain technology allows for energy networks to be controlled through smart contracts, and customers can pay for energy using cryptocurrencies. As intermediaries are gone, the system creates greater transparency and flexibility. It will also lead to lower transaction costs and reduce energy prices for consumers. In addition, blockchain technology will also provide the basis for transparent control of metering, billing, and clearing processes, when dealing with electricity.

About Restart Energy

Restart Energy Democracy (RED) is a blockchain-powered platform, backed by Restart Energy — a European energy provider with $20 million in revenues. The company was built with a vision to democratize the energy sector and quash the dominance of legacy monopolies in the energy world. The company’s credentials include a customer base of 27,000 household and 3,000 corporate clients, expanding at more than 2,000 clients per month, and it’s impressive growth: 400% in 2016 and 425% in 2017.

Restart Energy is developing the world’s first peer-to-peer, fully decentralized energy transfer platform, based on its proprietary virtual balancing system, that uses A.I, Big Data, and IoT technologies. The RED ecosystem is comprised of the RED-Platform, RED-Franchise and RED-MWAT Tokens. MWAT are crypto-tokens that enable virtual storage of electricity and will facilitate the development of clean affordable energy.

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